Lily Print in Show Pantyhose All-in-One

Lily Print in Show Pantyhose All-in-One

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The all-in-one in-show pan, which is very popular every year, is back again this year!
Lily-patterned all-in-one with a show-in in a show of healthy skin.
You can complete an adult outfit with just one piece that looks like a long haori.
The elastic waist creates a sharp silhouette and casually camouflages around the stomach.
It is also a point that you can add an accent with a smooth texture that feels good against the skin and a string attached to the side.


Width: 47cm
Length: 35cm
Waist: 56cm - 80cm
Hips: 102cm
Rise: 34cm Inseam:
Width: 36cm
Bottom width: 36cm
Total length: (minimum) 80cm (maximum) 136cm


100% polyester
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